Top 10 Men's Fashion Trends

Top 10 Men's Fashion Trends

Now is a great time to update your closet and show off your sense of style. Fashion trends for men this season are both classic and bold. Find a style that fits your personality, and create a look that will turn heads.


Sweater Vests

The sweater vest is an easy way to upgrade a standard button-down shirt and pants, and there are many different styles to make it easy to choose something you love. Choose one with buttons, or opt for a pullover. Some have a bold, colorful theme, while others are more conservative.


Bomber Jackets

 The bomber jacket is a classic that men should think about keeping in their closets all the time. While other types of leather jackets are sometimes more fashion-forward, a bomber jacket is always appropriate.

You can go with any color from pale tan to black, but most jackets are in dark brown. The sleek style looks good on most body types. Buy one with a shearling collar if you prefer that look, or go without.


High Waist Pants

Gone are the days of waists that ride around your hips. Waists in pants are climbing to new heights this year. You'll even find pleated options reminiscent of those that movie stars wore in old black and white films.

Add a belt to your pants for a dressier look. Jeans can be a bit more casual.



Real men can, and do, wear pink. Pink is actually a great color for many different skin tones. Try some different shades, from pale pink to something brighter, to see what looks good on you. If you want to ease into pink, choose a pattern with a variety of additional colors, or wear a pink tie or another accessory.


Cell Phone Lanyards

We've seen lanyards on-trend to hold your ID, but the next big thing is lanyards that can hold your cell phone. This lets you keep your phone around your neck where it is always handy. If that feels uncomfortably heavy for you, try a crossbody lanyard.


Field Jackets

Field jackets look like thick, oversized shirts and have a rugged, outdoor vibe that many men like. You can pair them with just about anything, but most guys go for jeans and a plaid shirt. This is a great style choice whether you have a rough, physical job or just want to look like you do.


Bermuda Shorts with Statement Footwear

Bermuda shorts have been on-trend for a couple of seasons now, but the big change this year is what you choose to put on your feet. Wear your Bermuda shorts with confidence, but make sure your footwear is flashy.

Try a pair of neon sneakers or classy suede loafers. Skip the socks, or wear a no-show cut.


Vests with Suits

When it comes to suits, three pieces are back in style. If you wear a suit to work, or simply for special occasions, consider buying one that includes a matching vest. This will upgrade the look and keep you fashion-forward.


Wide Legs

Pants this season can be found as wide as you are willing to go. Even if you don't want to take it to the extreme, add some pants to your wardrobe that have a little bit of flare. The look works especially well with dress pants.


Geometric Cardigans

A cardigan is always a good piece for your spring closet. You can throw it on when the weather is chilly and take it off later in the day. This season's fashionable cardigans are in bright, geometric patterns. Pick up at least one for days when you want an extra layer.

 Keeping your clothing in fashion is as simple as choosing a few key pieces each season to incorporate into what you like to wear. Choose a style that feels like a good fit for you, and you will be on your way to being the best-dressed guy you know.


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