Men Styles You Can Emulate: The Best Dressed Movie Characters

Men Styles You Can Emulate: The Best Dressed Movie Characters

If you are man looking for a distinctive style to get inspired from, there is always a movie/tv show character that you can emulate to suit your style. Of course, you have to know the right characters or else you would end up looking ridiculous. Fortunately for you, the following characters are perhaps the best dressed characters to ever grace the cinema/t.v screens. Whatever your taste, you can’t go wrong if you try to match their style.

  1. James Bond- There is something about James Bond’s character that makes him a hit with the ladies. No, it is not much about his fighting skills but his confidence and obsession with the smallest grooming and dressing details. James Bond doesn’t just wear a good suit but an exceptional good suit custom tailored to compliment his body. While having a conversation with agent M in the Skyfall, Bond reveals he doesn’t like double breasted suits since they appear shabby when opened. Instead he prefers a simple, single breast suit for the purpose of dressing it down or up. When he is not wearing a suit, James Bond’s toning it down style varies depending on the mission. For instance, a dark polo shirt worn with jeans trousers. A cashmere, pea coat jacket or a turtle neck t-shirt sweater is reserved for cold outings. For the footwear, Bond has quit a number of collections but you won’t miss black Norwich Oxfords, Camberley double strap monk boots, Tetbury chukka boots, Alex Derbies, dark brown desert boots and Swansea Brogues brown suede shoes. Of course if you want to complete the James Bond look, you have to consider getting yourself a nice Omega watch, dark aviator sunglasses, well-fitting black leather gloves and signature cufflinks.


  1. The Great Gatsby- The Great Gatsby movie was a big hit in the men’s fashion world that it inspired a comeback of the 1920’s men’s dressing style. In the movie, Jay Gatsby, portrayed by Leonardo Di Caprio, is widely considered as one of the best dressed male characters in movie history. The guy is super-rich and obsessed with style so much that his closet is bigger than most apartments in New York. Jay Gatsby is well-dressed throughout the movie but there is one scene where his choice of clothes is quite memorable. In that scene, Jay Gatsby is seen wearing his finest white suit while holding a walking wood cane with a gold handle. You can say he was dressed to impress since he was waiting to meet the love of his life after years apart. The custom dress shirt worn with the white suit is light blue in color while the tie is butter pastel linen plaid. A wide herringbone Italian vest can be subtly seen just beneath the suit jacket to give an impression of elegance. But of course, someone sophisticated like Great Gatsby will always walk around with hammer cufflinks and a fancy pair of Broadstreet spectator shoes.


  1. Tyler Durden- A man in a red leather jacket and an abstract shirt walks into a random convenient store on the street. He pulls out a gun and points it at the store attendant. But he is not there to rob the shop or ask for the cash register to be emptied. He only asks the store attendant one simple question; ‘What did you want to be?’ Having not much of a choice with a gun pointed to his temple, the store attendant answers ‘a veterinarian!Eventually, the guy in the red leather jacket and abstract shirt lets him walk away but only after telling the convenient store attendant if he is not on his way to becoming a veterinarian in the next 6 weeks, he will come after him right where he lives. The man in the red leather jacket and abstract shirt is Tyler Durden in Fight Club. He is tough, mysterious and does not conform to society’s norm. Although Tyler Durden does not follow fashion rules, his character ends up becoming a fashion icon due to his daring unique style. Besides, all rules are meant to be broken and Tyler Durden is that person deep inside you who you would want to be if there were not so many rules. Apart from his signature red leather jacket and abstract shirt, Tyler Durden can mostly be seen wearing gray wool relaxed fitting pants and alligator loafers. Of course, don’t forget the aviator sunglasses.

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  1. Dexter Morgan- Even though Dexter Morgan is not a movie character but rather a T.V show character, his dressing style is a topic of interest among many t.v fashion forums. In the t.v series ‘Dexter’, the character is a serial killer who kills other serial killers. While working on his cover day job as a blood spatter analyst, Dexter Morgan wears bright colors usually poppy ice-cream linen shirts matched with khaki pants. However, when he is out on a mission hunting for his next victim, Dexter wears darker clothes to signify his ‘dark passenger’. The stalking outfit is consistent to a brown lightweight thermal Henley shirt, military style cargo pants and Diesel cow leather boots. Interestingly, the stalking outfit is what most ladies find sexy, particularly because it shows off his muscular arms, shoulders and the waist. For the accessories, you have to go for the Waltham 25 jewel wristwatch vintage and black unlined leather gloves.



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