Men’s Style That Women Find Very Attractive

Men’s Style That Women Find Very Attractive

Women, just like men, judge the opposite sex on their appearance particularly their sense of style. You would be surprised how many women say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a date just by looking at your outfit. No matter how many times people say clothes and appearance are too shallow to make a judgment, the reality is both men and women judge each other based on outwards appearance. In fact, some of these social decisions are made subconsciously. It’s not that women are so much into men’s clothes per se but rather what your dressing style conveys about yourself. Whatever you call it…..personality, character trait, passion, lifestyle or profession. Just remember, first impression last a lifetime and you only get one chance. But don’t worry if you’re not so sure about your current style. According to most women, they find the following style very appealing in any man. 

Attract Women

  1. Great Pair of Shoes- Never under-estimate the power of your shoes when it comes to attracting a woman. Very important! Most women consider a man’s shoes as the window to his style. Within 10 seconds after meeting you, most women will notice your shoes. Invest in quality and classic grown man type of shoes usually in shades of black and brown. Make sure you have shoes that are appropriate for all seasons and occasions. You would seem clueless going out on a date with sneakers or mixing shiny black leather shoes with jeans. Always keep your shoes clean and well maintained, if you keep walking in raggedy shoes, don’t be surprised if you don’t ‘get it’.


  1. Good Grooming Routine- Although good grooming habits doesn’t have much to do with the clothes or shoes you are wearing; it should be a vital signature to your style. Women love to see a man who takes a little effort to take care of facial and body hair. The consensus about a particular grooming style varies but a constant grooming routine is something majority women find attractive. Make sure you smell good too but that doesn’t mean drowning yourself in cologne, just a hint of it is enough. Whatever your grooming preference is…..bald, short/long hair or dreadlocks, always take pride in your appearance.


  1. Well-fitting Clothes- Women are quick to notice if the attire you are wearing fits or doesn’t really fit you before they tick that approval/disapproval box in their minds. That means your clothes shouldn’t be too baggy making you look like you’re drowning in fabric or too fitting that it looks like a swimming costume. You should find a neutral ground somewhere in between; not too big and not too small. If you require an adjustment, a visit to the tailor will help your case. Your top should properly fit your shoulder, the sleeves should not surpass the wrists and your pants should be accustomed to your proper length. Well-fitting outfits should be done for both casuals and official wear. No exceptions. If you want to rock the woman killer look once in a while, try out a well-fitting tuxedo and you can bet most women will notice and some might even compliment your appearance.


  1. White t-shirt and Jeans – There is something about a man wearing a white tee and jeans that women like. Perhaps it is because it is a classic look that never runs out fashion or it portrays an easy to get along with personality. Even men agree that it is a pocket friendly look to pull off and it can be done by any man. However, make sure the white t-shirt and jeans are well fitting to compliment your body. Keep in mind the golden rule of well-fitting clothes; not too baggy and not too tight.


  1. Rolled up sleeves- It is the little things like rolling up your sleeves and showing off your forearm that women notice. In their minds, it looks like you are just laid back after doing some intense manly work, which they find very attractive. So the next time you’re heading out for some social drinks after a long day work to relax your mind, don’t forget to roll up your sleeves and you just might get lucky.


  1. V-Neck Sweaters- An olive green, navy or solid gray V neck sweater worn over a crew neck t-shirt or a buttoned shirt will do wonders for you. The V neck sweater strikes a chord that whoever wearing it is approachable and can be trusted. Of course you will be glad you worn it when the temperatures drop.


  1. Henley shirt- A man wearing a Henley shirt in a group of men wearing regular t-shirts will stand out from the crowd. Reason? Women are attracted to mature men and a Henley shirt will make your personality appear more mature. Apart from getting noticed, another benefit of a Henley shirt is its diversity; gray, white and navy colored Henley can be matched with just about any pant.


  1. A Nice Watch- Not to throw shade at anybody but most women don’t like those rubber made calculator watches or with Mickey mouse faces. Unless of course you are running a marathon or you’re Mark Zuckerberg. Visit your local or online watch store and get yourself a durable watch with a metal face and leather straps. It doesn’t have to be a Rolex or one of those James Bond wears in the movies. Just a nice quality traditional analog watch will do just fine.


Above everything else, don’t forget to rock your style with confidence and a smile.



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