Men’s Fashion Mistakes That Women Hate

Men’s Fashion Mistakes That Women Hate

It was William Shakespeare that said, ‘the apparel doth oft proclaim a man’. True to his words, men are often judged by how they dress. If you pull out a classic elegant style that suits you, you will find it easier to get your crush’s number or a call back from that recent job interview. Well, your confidence and how you talk will also play a role too. But make a simple fashion mistake and the chances of getting things done depending on how you dress will go down. Unless of course, you are the founder of a billion dollar enterprise, nobody will care much about your fashion mistakes as long as you keep your company running. But not so much for the average Joe who needs to avoid making the following grave fashion mistakes like his life depends on it. 

Wearing unfitting clothes- It is not the 80’s or the 90’s anymore and baggy clothes are not on fashion. Admit it! Fitting clothes look so much better on you. Don’t believe it? Go out on any forum like Reddit and Quora and ask what the worst fashion mistake a man can make is. The answers are quite predictable and you can bet the most given answers will be clothes that don’t fit. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a very expensive suit. If it doesn’t streamline to your body from the shoulder to your feet, forget about it. Clothes that are too tight or too small won’t make the cut either. The perfect balance is somewhere in between not too big and not too small.
Women HateToo much accessories- There is nothing wrong with wearing a few accessories to compliment your look or style. But wearing too much gold or silver chains hanging all the way to your stomach will kill your vibe. You don’t want to appear like you are trying too much which is a turn off. The only way you can break this rule is if you are a rockstar and wearing too much accessories is part of your brand. Simplicity in a man is attractive. It is okay to wear a nice watch, trendy bracelet, sunglasses, matching cufflinks and if you’re married, don’t forget the wedding band or else you will have some trouble with your wife. Apart from those, don’t try to pull off an extravagant look that will make you end up on the radar of the fashion police. Remember…..don’t sweat the technique.
Wearing Socks with sandals- Never ever wear socks with sandals. In fact, never leave your house with your sandals. That’s a major red alarm that you shouldn’t even think of crossing. To make it worse, there are men who match socks with crocs! If you didn’t know, most women hate it when men wear crocs even in the house.
Shirts with too much writings or graphics- Unless you are going to watch your favorite football team play, avoid shirts with too much writings or graphics. Unfortunately, most of the shirts with too much writings and graphics only looked good on you when you were in 5th But understand, there is a difference between a shirt with patterns and graphics. Patterns on a shirt is okay but too much writing and graphics especially those shirts with flames should be avoided. You might think it looks good on you but the women don’t like it.
Mismatching pants with shoes- Keep the hiking boots for those long walk hiking trips and running shoes whenever you are going out for a jog. Don’t mix hiking boots or running shoes with jeans for a casual wear. Instead of choosing athletic shoes for a casual look, opt for sneakers. You would be surprised there are a wide variety of sneakers available that are perfectly suited for every casual look style. Neither should the color of your shoes be overlooked. For instance, black leather shoes match up well with grey, navy or black suit but not so much with jeans. Once you got the appropriate pair of shoes to match with your pants, don’t forget to match the color of your socks with your trouser as closely as possible.
Big buckled belt- Unless you are a cowboy or a professional wrestler, avoid a belt with a big buckle. A belt should be subtle and not make a big statement. If you want to pick the right belt, make sure it matches with your shoes color. Better yet, the belt material should complement the shoes material. A leather belt should be matched with leather shoes and suede belt with suede shoes.

fashion women hateApart from the most obvious style mistakes a man can make like wearing a suspender and a belt in the same outfit, most men make fashion blunder without even knowing about it. Sometimes it is not even a fashion blunder per see but wearing an outfit combination that women hate. A good example is cargo pants which most women would rather exchange it for something else. Even if you find a woman that doesn’t mind a man wearing cargo pants, she will probably not want you to use the cargo pocket. You’re better off walking on a field with land mines. Lucky for you, if you avoid the highlighted mistakes you will likely get the recognition you deserve.


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