How To Portray Your Alter-ego through Dressing

How To Portray Your Alter-ego through Dressing

It is quite obvious an alter-ego is a second personality which is usually more aggressive than the original persona. An alter-ego is only complete if he/she has a different demeanor than the opposite persona. That means the alter-ego should be dressed and groomed differently. Arguably one of the most popular alter-ego character is Tyler Durden in the Fight Club movie. A close look at Tyler Durden’s dressing style and you will notice he dresses and grooms differently than his inventor. Even Heisenberg in Breaking Bad T.V Show dresses in contrast to Walter White.

Before you dress up your alter-ego character, you should know what defines him? Is he crazy, cunning, go getter, womanizer? Mostly an alter-ego evokes the man that you wish to be if there were not so many rules. For instance, Heisenberg in Breaking Bad is seen dressed in dark colors from the hat, jacket, sunglasses to the trousers unlike the original Walter White who mostly wears colorful sweaters and cardigans. In that way, it is clear Heisenberg is the darker side of Walter White and that’s why when he is doing his illegal drug business, he likes to wear black outfits. On the other hand, Tyler Durden is mostly seen throughout the Fight Club movie wearing a red leather jacket, a shirt with the collar undone, gray wool trousers and Gucci alligator loafers. A very distinct dressing code from his opposite persona. Of course, each one of us has their own unique characters and that’s what determines the type of clothes your alter ego will wear.

After you identify your alter-ego persona, the next step is to look the part. A grooming service will do you justice before picking out which clothes to wear. Perhaps a fresh new haircut like pompadour, comb-over, Caesar, taper or buzz cut might complement your alter-ego. However, there are over 100 different types of men’s haircut styles and you should choose whichever suits you. Remember having an alter-ego is about re-inventing yourself. You could as well not change your current hairstyle but proceed to change the dress code. If that’s your preference, perhaps you should consider wearing a beanie when shifting to your alter-ego character.

It doesn’t matter whether you wear a shirt or a t-shirt for your opposite personality. Just make sure whichever top you wear represents your alter persona. For instance, a black long sleeved t-shirt or a stylish dress shirt is perfect for a darker opposite personality. However, you can match up a brighter t-shirt or shirt with a darker color jacket. If you opt for a bad boy look, a leather jacket might be just what you need. The leather jacket doesn’t necessarily have to be black since brown can also match up. Alternatively, dark colored hoodies can substitute leather jacket. Something like an Assassins creed hoodie can be the perfect alternative. Whether you decide to wear leather jacket or hoodies to represent your alter-ego, just make sure they are the opposite of what you usually wear. For instance, if you normally wear blazers and sweaters then your alter-ego should wear jackets and hoodies of a different color or makeup. It is not an alter-ego until you try something new and different.

The same rule that applies on top wear should also apply on pants dressing. If you mostly wear khaki trousers, why not try jeans for your alter-ego? Furthermore, jeans trouser perfectly complements a leather jacket. Khaki trousers can also match up with leather jackets but make sure you get the color right. In fact, whether it is khaki, cotton or jeans, any type of fabric trouser can go along with a split persona depending on the portrayal that you picture in your head.

You have to be careful about the shoes you wear. Did you know one of the first things women notice about men are the type of shoes they are wearing? In fact, the type of shoes a man wears can tell a dozen things about that person’s character. You don’t want to wear shoes that make an impression that you are too boring. Timberland boots portray a certain aura of toughness in a man, just like a leather jacket. If your alter-ago is the womanizer type then you ought to try casual driving loafers or Gucci loafers that signify high maintenance and most women will probably give you their numbers. However, you can still go The Joker style and wear his type of converse sneakers to show that you don’t take things too seriously. The opposite would probably wear lace up oxford shoes to portfolio a serious guy that is all about getting things done. Perhaps if your split persona is a minimalist and believes humans should resort to the essentials of survival then Air Mesh walking shoes would be a good start.


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