How to Dress Up for Your Job Interview

How to Dress Up for Your Job Interview

They always say that “the first impression is the last impression.” While this notion is true for many situations, an interview is one of the many places where your outlook speaks even before you utter a single word. So, let your great choice and smartness define you when you step in the cubicle of your interviewer for the first time. Thinking hard how to do so? Read on to learn some useful tips that can scream about your good aesthetic sense and liveliness.



Get to Know About the Company Culture

There is a lot of diversity among the workforce these days. While many companies are still following a formal attire policy, there are some who welcome employees even in a tee and jeans because they are only concerned with the work done and not your appearance (to a certain extent).

Understanding the culture of a company is particularly important because you may show up wearing a suit to a workplace where everyone is walking around in flip flops and shorts. Certainly, you will look like an alien who is uncomfortable in a ‘foreign’ environment and eventually, you will give a silent impression that you are a misfit for the organization.

Useful Tip: While every industry has a different dress code, you can find connections in the company you have to appear for an interview in and ask their current employees to give you a heads up. Otherwise, you can always call in the reception and ask them to enlighten on this issue.

Dress for Job Interview

Be Presentable

Take out a job-appropriate, neatly ironed, and well-fit dress for your big day. While a dirty or wrinkled shirt may make you look uninterested, an ill-fitted shirt will drain down your overall personality.

Use just the right amount of aftershave and perfume which is not very overpowering. Style your hair in a way that it looks neat and manageable. If you have a beard, make sure to comb it before the interview or if possible, get it trimmed so that it looks tidy and nice.

Avoid Loud Prints

You may love loud prints but the interviewer’s office is not the best place to show your inclination towards this boldness. However, you can always opt for a brighter tone, as it is more noticeable and sends energetic vibes. In short, be as stylish as you can but smartly – do not look too simple or too flashy. Just find a way in between the two.

Accessorize Your Attire

Decent and sophisticated accessories have never done any harm to anyone. And why not? A trendy neckerchief, classic pair of shoes and dark wayfarers are very much in fashion these days and will add up a dash of style to your personality.

To sum it up, dress according to the company culture you are going for an interview in, do not look under-qualified or overqualified for the position you have applied for, look up-to-date with fashion yet look decent and above all, just wear that confident smile on your face to ace the interview.


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