Different Styles To Match Up Assassins Creed Hoodie For Halloween

Different Styles To Match Up Assassins Creed Hoodie For Halloween

The Assassins Creed is not just a video game. It is a movement. Apart from the films, novels and comic books based on the video game storyline, assassin’s creed has made its way into the fashion industry. Thousands of followers dress up in Assassin’s Creed costumes whenever there is a convention to honor the series. Even on normal days, it is not unusual to spot different people wearing Assassin’s Creed outfits. If you are a devoted fan, Halloween is the ideal day to try out different Assassins Creed style of dressing. In that regards, there are a few characters on Assassins Creed that you could portray.

Desmond Miles

Desmond Miles is the protagonist of Assassins Creed. A descendant of the secret sect of the Assassins, Desmond Miles is largely influenced by his forefathers especially through dressing and beliefs. He is mostly seen throughout the game series wearing Assassins Creed hoodies, sweatshirts, jeans and sneakers. Quite a simple taste compared to his predecessors. If you are the type that likes to wear simple on Halloween without attracting too much attention while portraying a certain character, Desmond Miles is the perfect suitor. Any modern design that has an assassin taste into it is something you are likely to find in Desmond Miles’ wardrobe. For example, an Assassins Creed jacket or a dark assassin’s style hoodie complimented with an assassin’s style hooded sweatshirt screams, Desmond Miles. You can go a step further and collect the usual accessories of Desmond Miles which include baseball caps, computer bags, belts and special wallets.

Assassins Creed Hoodie

Altair Ibn-La’Ahad –Wears the same as Ezio Auditore Firenze

Altair Ibn La’Ahad is an ancestor of Miles in the Assassins Creed game series. Even though he has the power to navigate the future and the past, Altair mode of dressing is quite orthodox. Of course, he doesn’t wear jeans like Desmond Miles, but the hooded signature of the assassins is vivid in his style. As a matter of fact, Ahad covers his face with a hoodie so intensely that his adversaries don’t know how his face looks like. An important detail you should remember whenever portraying Altair Ibn-La’Ahd on Halloween.  In contrast to Miles, Ahad’s hoodie jacket is rather long surpassing the knees but not touching the ground. He carries a sword attached to his extra-large leather belt and wears armors on his arms. To complete Ahad’s outfit, you should have a pair of long medieval leather boots and fitting cotton trousers.

Achilles Davenport

If you meet up with Achilles Davenport, you might discredit him as just another old American cowboy. Achilles doesn’t wear hoodies like most Assassins, perhaps a camouflage tactic since all of his companions were killed. Instead, Achilles wears a cowboy hat, blazer, shirt, cotton trousers and cowboy boots. An important detail not to miss out is the buckled shoes, long stalking and garment like trouser that do not surpass the knees reflecting the 18th-century style. Don’t forget the Penang lawyer walking stick. Who said an assassin must wear a hoodie?

Ratonhnhaké:ton/ Connor

ASSASSINS STYLE HOODED SWEATSHIRTConnor is an efficient assassin character and a student of Achilles Davenport. The timeline of his character is during the American Revolution hence his dressing style is inspired by that era. Even though Connor is mentored by Achilles Davenport, his dressing is quite different from his tutor. For instance, he wears a long unbuttoned hoodie that covers half of his face. The hoodie is mostly white with a blue pattern along the edges while the shirt beneath is white. The trouser worn by Connor is dark brown in color and matches the hue of his boots. When he is not wearing his usual costume, Connor is wearing the Captain of the Aquila uniform which can be unlocked in the free-roam deluxe version of Assassin’s Creed III.  The Captain of the Aquila uniform does not come with a hood but rather a long blue cloak and a typical ship captain hat. The shirt is made up of linen, and the trouser is an 18th century breech that reaches the knee. The shoes are buckled and stockings cover the ankles to the knees. Whichever style you prefer, just know that Captain of the Aquila uniform and Connor’s default dressing mode are two different styles but inspired by the same era in history.

If you ought to try Assassins Creed costumes for Halloween, you should keep in mind that they don’t appear exactly like shown in the video-game. A close look at Connor’s outfit, it appears like a single layer of clothing since the fabric never moves or folds in the videogame. Viewers can be forgiven for thinking the sleeves are part of his coat since videogame graphics are different than real-life. In examining the costumes, the outfits are made up of multiple layers of clothing. Duplicating Altair Ibn-La’Ahad type of hood that casts a shadow on your face is not as easy as it seems even though it is made up of stiff material. The most effective method is sewing a wire into the fabric of the hood making easier to cosplay the characters that hide their identities by wearing hoodies.

Remember, don’t sweat the technique. If you find old Assassin characters a challenge to cosplay, why not pick up modern day characters like Desmond Miles for Halloween? You can even invent your own unique Assassin outfits by purchasing different clothes that match up with Assassins Creed theme.


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