Best Shoes for Men to Kick Off this Summer

Best Shoes for Men to Kick Off this Summer

Men’s fashion is very tricky, especially when it comes to shoes. Many of us choose to wear the following types of shoes because they are readily available and, to be very honest, that is all we know about shoes!

  • Gumshoes
  • Dress shoes without Laces
  • Slip on shoes made with Denim or any other fabric
  • Sandals
  • Sneakers
  • Sandals without Straps

Each year, we see fashion weeks featuring fancy and decorative footwear which is not preferred by many men. However, this time around, fashion gurus were a little humble with fashion and have come up with some really amazing and wearable shoes. Excited to find out what they are? Read on to know!

Bold Colors to Make You Look Confident

This summer, go bold and stylish with burgundy, aquamarine, purple, and burnt leaves. You can also opt for military-style boots as they are never out of fashion and look as stylish as they were in the olden days. This simply indicates that aggressive colors of boots are in these days.

However, make sure whichever brand and style you choose to carry around this season is made of breathable material and is comfy. These two are the most important things when it comes to buying shoes and have a direct impact on your walking style. Therefore, choose sensibly.

Best Shoes for Men

Give Your Dress Shoes a Treat

What most prominent fashion shows gave an idea about dress shoes is that they should be a bit bright this summer. For example, they can be made with orange, yellow, or burgundy suede or pure leather. Though it may sound somewhat off but the color Red is here to stay in the fashion industry. You can use the same colored shoes. In fact, some renowned designers have already launched their Cherry Red formal shoes with brown sole and laces and they look amazing already. On the other hand, some designers are offering the same style with a contrasting solid black sole. So, it’s time to try some mix and match to get that bold look.

Summer Casuals Are Always In

Flip flops are hands down the best option when it comes to summer shoes. Boat shoes, sneakers, and loafers can also be worn for casual dinners and meetings.

Slip-ons, sporty slide sandals, or espadrilles can be a good option too when you are hitting the beach or on your summer vacation.

Just be very careful with the color selection. Choose from the aforementioned colors or if you cannot think of anything else, just go with the whites. You can never go wrong with white shoes in summer.

In all, summer 2016 is all about bold, daring, and unique shoes. It is for men who are always ready to take risk and are not afraid to try something new. There is no harm in being trendy and following fashion that differentiates you from rest of the crowd. After all, they are your resume on your feet! Just wear them stylistically.


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