Add Style To Your Personality With Fashion Watches

Add Style To Your Personality With Fashion Watches

Wearing a watch is a very important piece for most men. In fact, a lovely timepiece is a key, fashion staple. Some say they're lost without their watch on. When it comes to choosing fashion watches, good looks, comfort and reliability are three features most ladies demand.

We like how one writer at Harper's Bazaar magazine cleverly compared finding the right watch to finding a husband:

"Pick a great one, and you'll keep it forever. Pick the wrong one, and you'll be dying to get rid of it after a year or two."

How true. 

There are so many gorgeous, fashion watches in styles like the classic, sporty, etc. If you want to roll with a Rolex, be prepared to plunk down at least $20,000 and for other lux timepieces, $40,000 and more. A watch doesn't always have to bear a major price tag; there are many which appear like luxury timepieces but won't break your sensible, fashionista budget. You can even switch up your look with interchangeable straps.

Watches are just cool accessories, as well as fine pieces of jewelry. You can wear your fashion watch to a formal event. The stars do it all the time. A watch can add to your ensemble, whether it's a pair of jeans and a tee shirt to an elegant, red carpet type of event. Fashion watches always look right and are never out of place.

When it comes to style, we all have our unique criteria, and the same goes when choosing a timepiece because the watch has its place on the fashion barometer. The big face, the over-size or smart watch has re-emerged as a hot trend once again. In fact, this masculine style looks gorgeous as arm candy. 

There is also beauty in the material and watch color. There are also embossed leather straps, tortoise acetate, double wrap straps, stainless steel, and so much more.

At the moment, other trends are showing some interesting timepieces. Designer Isaac Mizrahi has collaborated with HP for a cool smartwatch. It features a tiny display at the bottom of the watch face rather than a full a color touch screen you would expect on other smartwatches.

Harry Winston has partnered with amfAR on the Countdown to a Cure Timepiece, which shows off an elegant, navy blue dial set with 12-diamonds.

Watches that boast pretty bling accents like Swarovski stones inlaid dial are also popular looks that add pizazz to your wardrobe and personality.

Designer Marc Jacobs sent models down the runway sporting belt watches that look exactly as they sound, with a watching sitting on a belt with a delicate buckle to adjust the fit.

Just like well-made, tailored clothing speaks volumes about quality, choosing the perfect looking watch also says a lot about your personal style. You know exactly what you desire in a watch, just as you would for an exquisite pair of shoes or the blazer. It's all about self-expression. 


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