6 Staple Menswear Styles to Follow This Summer

6 Staple Menswear Styles to Follow This Summer

Menswear Styles Today, summers have become more stylish than ever. Now, you do not have to look like a homeless, tasteless, and the-guy-next-door with your minimal clothes. In fact, you can seriously kill the sweltering heat with your chic, cool, and comfortable clothing style. Good news is that summer 2016 has brought back traditional colors, contemporary patterns, and unique accessories to style you up in the best possible manner. Sounds interesting, right? Keep reading to find out the 6 best menswear styles that are just off from the fashion ramps.

1.     Neckerchief It

Neckerchiefs were a staple in the yesteryears and they are back in 2016 as well. While our summers are incomplete without baseball caps and sunglasses, a neckerchief around your neck will get you noticed easily. They were showcased in topnotch fashion weeks in London and Milan for Summer/Spring 2016. You can causally tie them or fold them under a light-weight, cotton jumper.

2.     Go White

Summers call for bright colors and lots of patterns. The best way to carry a funky yet decent look in hot days is to pair them up with a white trouser or chinos. Not only will it calm down the vibrancy of deep colors, it will tone down their sharpness as well. Want to add up a little bit of more spice? Try adding dusty brown belt and boots to this cool combination.

3.     Look back with Fifties Style

Louis Vuitton and Raf Simons were humble enough to come up with fifties-styled textured and polo shirts. Is not this exactly what we are always looking for during the hot days? Combine the look with a tailored trouser or pant and put on your perfect dark wayfarers for the vintage look. Whatever texture or pattern you are going to wear, just be very good with contrasting as it will give you a more polished look.

4.     Rock It in Shorts

In summer 2016, shorts are going a bit longer. These shorts can be tailored-slim, have colorful patterns, or made from any breathable material. Navy blue color is the season’s favorite color - check that one out too!

5.     Overalls Come to Rescue

Ever noticed a mechanic? All dressed up in an overall and yet looking attractive? Yes, that is the new style statement this year. Just be the cool guy you always wanted to be with dusky green and light-colored overalls. Pair a denim overall with a white T-shirt to make it look low-key or fulfill your desire to wear an all-black by wearing a black shirt with a darker-toned overall. The choice is all yours!

6.     Take Out That Distressed Jeans…Again!

Guess what? It is time to take out your favorite worn out jeans that you never wanted to discard because it is in fashion…yet again. How relaxing it sounds, right? Moreover, patched, ripped, and bleached jeans are also the latest trend among men.

In short, this season seems very much inspired by the olden days. Just add a dash of modern fashion to that old, vintage look and you are all set to dazzle the crowd.


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