5 Tips Dudes Need to Know About Buying Suits

5 Tips Dudes Need to Know About Buying Suits

Are you investing in a new suit this season? Is it time to upgrade your fashion look but you're not quite sure where to start? There are a number of factors you need to be aware of to ensure you purchase a suit that not only feels great but looks great too. Check out the following fashion tips for men, to make your next suit purchase one you don't regret. 

Buying Suits

1- Know your tie personality to ensure you purchase the right suit. Your tie style can impact the type of lapel you should wear.
2- Pay attention to armholes when purchasing a suit. The layers you wear under a suit can influence the fit under your arms. If you are prone to wearing a layered look with a lightweight vest over a dress shirt, jacket armholes can feel constricted.
3- Pay attention to where your suit pants hit your shoe. The style of shoe you wear can impact where the break of your pant leg hits. Loafers with a tongue can cause your pant leg to bunch at the cuff. A dress shoe with laces is less likely to cause bunching at the cuff.
4- Since dress pants are usually cut long to allow for tailoring, pay attention to the width of the pant leg between the knee and ankle. Tailoring can cause you to end up with a slightly wider pant leg. A straighter pant leg tends to look best on most body frames, so be aware that you may end up with a slightly boxier shape if you have your pants hemmed.
5- Pay close attention to suit cuffs. You want your shirt sleeves to protrude slightly below your jacket cuff. If your shirt tends to ride up slightly when wearing a jacket, make sure your shirt sleeves are long enough to accommodate for the "bunch" factor.
These are just a few of the fashion tips men should bear in mind when purchasing a suit. Attention to detail can make a huge impact in the overall look and feel of a suit.

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