Silhouette, Color and Experimentation: Fashion Tips from Casual Dress Boutiques

Everyone is interested in fashion and beauty; it doesn’t matter if they’re male or female.  Throughout history, women have generally been more interested in fashion but nowadays, many men are also becoming more stylish.  You don’t have to wear designer clothes or spend a lot of money on your appearance in order to look good.  Instead, you need to use your creativity and make the most of what you have.  Here are a few fashion tips:

  1. Get enough sleep.  Nothing detracts from your looks like dark circles around your eyes and general puffiness, both of which are caused by a lack of sleep.  Women can put on concealer for a few days and disguise their skin’s texture but makeup is not an option for most men.  Instead, it’s a good idea to try and get more sleep everyday.  Soon, you’ll find your skin clearing up and you’ll look energetic and active, which are both very appealing.
  2. Try out new things.  Often, people get stuck wearing the same clothes day after day.  Even when they go shopping, they keep trying out and buying the same types of clothes.  Life is not a private school!  You don’t have to wear a uniform.  And once you break out of the mold, you’ll find that there are many other things that suit your body type.  So try out new combinations from your closet or go shopping at casual dress boutiques and buy something you wouldn't otherwise have bought.
  3. Silhouette and color.  There are two elements of a good outfit: silhouette and color.  The silhouette refers to the shape that the outfit gives you and the color refers to whether or not the shade of the outfit matches with your coloring.  Most people are drawn towards one of these two things.  Those who go for silhouette forget about color.  So they may wear something in a neutral color which fits them well but doesn’t make them stand out.  Others go for color but forget about silhouette.  They might wear something bright and eye-catching but it may not flatter their body type.  So remember to keep both things in mind when you’re getting dressed.
  4. Health.  One of the most important things that contributes to good looks is health.  If you eat well, exercise regularly and don’t overdo the alcohol, you’re likely to be quite healthy.  And this will show through in your appearance.  Your skin will look clearer, your body will look taut and toned and your hair will be shiny.  Improving your health is a long-term plan to improve your appearance too.

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