Three things you can learn from mens summer fashion for the winter

Three things you can learn from mens summer fashion for the winter

We might be deep in the heart of winter right now but there are still things you can take from men's summer fashion to make work in your winter wardrobe. Here are three things you can learn from mens summer fashion.

  • Don't Do Away With Your Bold Colors: During the summer is when we often see bold and bright colors on the runaway to reflect the spring colors, but just because it is the middle of winter doesn't mean you have to completely abandon bold colors. Your warm black pea coat would really look nice with a nice pop of color in a scarf such as an aqua blue or bright red. A nice colorful scarf will take away some of the old depressing winter blues and gray skies that characterizes the winter months.
  • Things Can Be Fitted: Summer is often known as the time for fitted t-shirts to show off that summer tan or beach body, but even though it is winter you don't have to abandon the fitted style. You can adapt the fitted style to mean a well-tailored winter coat that still allows you to show off your physique or nice-fitting warm jeans that both keep you warm and look good. Winter is not the time to start bringing out all your ill-fitting sweatpants when you can still be perfectly fashionable is nicely tailored warm clothes.
  • A Great Hat: In the summer we bring out the baseball caps and other fashionable hats. In the winter we think more about just putting on the warmest hat that will fit on our heads, but we often forget that hats can be a style item as well. Hats frame the shape of the face in different ways so it's very important to choose a hat in a color and a style that compliments your face and keeps you warm.

With these style tips, your winter fashion will have a cheery summer inspiration others can't help but notice!

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