Buying Vintage Men's Clothing

Buying Vintage Men's Clothing

More and more men are choosing vintage men's clothing. Because retro or vintage men’s clothing continues to grow in popularity, there’s a wide selection from which to choose.

The key to putting together an exceptional retro outfit is knowing what looks good, as well as what to check for when buying clothing. If you’re interested in this style or have a special man in your life who prefers vintage clothing, here are some of the most common clothing materials and buying considerations. 

Common Types of Materials Used in Vintage Clothing

Cotton fabrics have been used in just about all time periods. This material, which is usually lightweight and comfortable, is naturally white or off-white. However, you can dye it any color. Before investing in cotton garments, be sure they don’t have any moth marks or pest damage. 

Nylon  fabric is also lightweight and is generally very shiny. Athletic clothing and shirts are often made of nylon. Check for any snags in vintage nylon items, as well as for dullness from aging. 

Knitted fabrics—These are fabrics that have been woven on looms, which makes them somewhat stretchy. Men have worn knitted pants, shirts and jackets for several decades. Always be sure a knitted item isn't discolored or has tiny holes from years of use. 

As a strong synthetic fabric, polyester clothing is extremely durable and is also somewhat elastic. Again, check for any small holes or damage from pets. 

Leather is the most durable fabric you can find. But always ask if the leather has undergone consistent conditioning as unconditioned leather can develop brittleness. 

Considerations and Warnings

  • Vintage clothing typically has more details and handwork than modern garments. It also tends to be more durable. It’s harder to find vintage clothing for men before the 1960s era.
  • Always check cotton fabrics for discoloration, usually caused from organic dyes. On the other hand, you can correct most stains.
  • Vintage clothing is a good investment, meaning you’ll need to properly take care of your garments, so they keep they remain valuable. To hang your garments, use padded unscented hangers. Wrap older, heavier garments in acid-free paper and store them in drawers or boxes.
  • Always clean your items before you store them.
  • Keep your vintage clothing clear of smoke and pet hair. 

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