Fitted Suits for Men: How to Wear Them, No Matter What Your Size

Fitted Suits for Men: How to Wear Them, No Matter What Your Size

As bulky, baggy suits fade out of style in favor of sharp, fitted, leaner silhouettes, men may be left wondering just how to pull off this fashionable look. What's the best way to wear a fitted suit if you're tall and thin? What if you're short or have a few extra pounds? How about if you're athletic and muscular? Never fear the fitted suit -- we've got tips to help you rock this style with confidence, thanks to the men's style pros at

If you're short: When choosing a fitted suit jacket, advises shorter men to avoid overly long jackets, as they can make you look shorter. Go for a jacket with one or two buttons set lower rather than higher, for a more elongated look. Also, get your suit pants length just right -- too long, and the rumpled, excess fabric at your feet shortens you, too short and your legs look cut off. Have your trousers hemmed as long as possible while allowing only a small break at the top of the foot. Another tip from GQ: if you are short and quite slim, choose sophisticated fabrics and dark colors for an air of maturity and authority.

Fitted Suits for Men

If you're on the heavy side: Believe it or not, a fitted -- but not tight -- suit can work for this body type, as baggy, overly roomy suits can add pounds and look sloppy. recommends a jacket that fits perfectly when buttoned, and to keep your jacket buttoned unless you're sitting down, as an open jacket adds girth that isn't really there. Also, a wider tie is more in proportion with your chest, so avoid super-skinny ones. A colorful silk pocket square directs the eye to your chest and face rather than your waist.

If you're tall and thin: suggests a fitted suit in a heavier-weight fabric, which can add a little beef to your bones. It is also advised that you avoid heavily padded shoulders, as they can dwarf your thin frame. A few more ideas to help with proportion: choose a wider tie over a skinny one, allow your pants to break somewhat generously at your ankles, and don't allow too much shirt cuff to peek out from your jacket sleeves.

If you're athletic: Men who are trim at the waist and muscular in the legs, arms and shoulders need to pay close attention to fit -- and perhaps find a trustworthy tailor. For a jacket that fits you well in the chest and arms, be prepared to have it taken in at the waist. Also, if your thighs and derriere are muscular, make sure your pants don't fit too tightly in those areas -- the look is slim and fitted, not tight or vulgar.

Fitted suits for men are currently quite stylish and work well on all sorts of physiques -- the trick is knowing what works for your body type. Contact us to learn more about our selection of men's fitted suits and jackets.


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