Time to Tailgate The Right Way With Men's Fashion Trends

Time to Tailgate The Right Way With Men's Fashion Trends

'Tis the season for tailgating, and while you're tossing around the pigskin, grilling up some burgers and having a beer-drinking competition with your buddies, you should be dressed to play the part. Now, of course, you are probably wearing your favorite teams jersey, and that is an absolute necessity for men's fashion when it comes to tailgating season but these other men's fashion trends will definitely amp up the pre-game party and will have you warm and comfortable while cheering in the stands. Plus, you'll look handsome and you just never know who you can meet with so many people around, so you might as well look your best, right?

Make Varsity

When the temperatures really start to drop, you may want to throw on some men's outerwear overtop of that jersey but you can still keep the athletic appeal prominent in your ensemble. If you played college football, why not pull it out of the trunk of varsity treasures that is hidden in your attic? The varsity jacket is one of the best men's outerwear trends that are perfect for your tailgating ways. If you want to update your style and/or avoid the frat boy appeal, choose varsity inspired jacket that is logo-free and a little more upscale than the rest. 


Button Down

So you outgrew your jersey or maybe you're on a hot date (or something of the sort) and you decided to skip the jersey-wearing for this particular tailgating rendezvous. Button Down shirts are a collegiate classic that works for every shape and size; even if you're a big boy like the linemen you're rooting for. Everything goes when it comes to wearing a button down shirt, and just think; you'll be prepared for the pre-game and post-game festivities! The monochrome men's fashion trend is definitely a huge game point for button downs. 


Dress For the Game

If you're in need of a less casual and more formal men's outerwear options, blazers are an excellent layer for tailgating that allows things to get a little messy without looking like one of those guys that end up on the sport channel's "top 10 fan moments". This metro jacket is ideal for some college team shenanigans, corporate seat events (lucky) or even if you're just heading out with the guys.  


Kickin' Cans

You're going to need a sturdy pair of shoes for this rendezvous. Anything from sneakers to boat shoes will work, but make sure that you're wearing a pair that are comfortable because there's no way you'll be sitting down at the game. Grab your beer, air horn and comfortable shoes because you know you'll be on your feet rooting for your favorite team. Plus, those stadium stairs can be tricky once you've had a couple at the tailgating party.


Show Your True Colors

Whether you are wearing your favorite player's jersey or haven't found it in your budget to do so yet (Those things are darn expensive), show your team support by wearing your true colors. Sport your team's jersey tones in your outerwear to ensure that the weather will never force you to cover it up, or even keep it minimal with a casual t-shirt. If you need a more formal ensemble, strike a slim tie in your team's colors and compliment it with a men's blazer. 


Don't Fear The Beanie

Beanie's are a trend for the youth, but they can also be pulled off appropriate for every age group. With the football season blending into the winter weather, you're going to want to stay warm. If beanies aren't your style, don't fret it. As long as you are wearing one in your team's colors, you're good - and warm.

Now, you just have to make sure that you have your cooler, ice, grill and blanket and you're off to a tailgating party. You can also get all of these things in team colors to show your team pride even more. So, whether you're heading to a collegiate classic or heading to the big leagues and heading to the stadium for an NFL game, these tips for men's fashion at a football game have you prepared to get loud and rowdy.

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