2014's Hottest Fall and Winter Fashion for Men

2014's Hottest Fall and Winter Fashion for Men

With every couple of months, new fashions hit the streets and it’s time to update your men’s fashion trends. The fall and winter season is definitely something to get hyped up about because the style is comfortable, casual and with a few new items, your entire wardrobe could be revamped without having to spend a ton of money. So, let’s check out what kind of men’s fashion trends you should be rocking when the days get a little chillier, and the nights get a little darker.

Back are Slim Slacks

You have probably never thought this day would come, but you might want to head over to Gramps’ house and see what kind of fashion tips he has for sixties style. The slim slacks are cropped around the ankle and are often worn with bulkier, larger layers up top like the Assassins Style Hooded Sweatshirt to balance out the entire ensemble. However, make sure that you try to take on the sixties style inspiration similar to what would have been seen on the Beatles instead of what your 60-year-old grandpa is currently rocking.


Green Street

Going green is certainly a trend, but this time, we aren't talking about the eco-friendly kind. Green is the color to wear as you step into the season that is definitely in absence of greenery on the trees. Light green, forest green or even some camo green are all being seen across the men's fashion trends and runway, but if you really want to nail this style, dark, leafy greens is where it's at and you definitely can't go wrong with the Military Style Jacket

Monochrome Craze

The black and white fashion trend has been in season for the entire year and it isn't going anywhere for fall and winter either. While many designers usually indulge in the gemstone-tones for the fall and winter but it looks like they're taking thread from the opposite side of the spectrum. When you aren't going green, all black outfits are mysterious and trending for men's fashion. On the contrary, when you need to liven your ensemble up a bit, opt for black fashions with white trims or a black and white combination which is Assassin Creed Hoodie is the epitome of. For a more casual style statement, the varsity-inspired Jeans jacket also has that monochrome element.


Go Slim and Slender

For the winter days that put you at risk of frostbite, many outerwear options just won't cut it. Amp up the warmth and protect yourself again the treacherous temperatures with down-filled jackets. Puff jackets aren't completely out of style, but they have definitely taken on a slimmer feel for the end of this year which you can see on the Winter Jackets that also add in that green trend with the military style.


Quilts are Cool

Quilts are probably not something that has been considered 'cool' in a long time but times have changed and so have the mens fashion trends. Add in those geometric patterns to pull of the quilting trend in a fashionable way and leave the quilts that Grandma made for you last year at home for those cold winter nights in.


Be Biker Bad

You may have had to store your bike for the winter but the fashion trends that go with that badass lifestyle of yours hasn't gone anywhere just yet. Biker cropped outer layers like the Biker Jacket are a must for your menswear agenda. Stick with the classic appeal by going with black, or throw in the other trends and opt for some green. You can also go with suede instead of leather which is a new way to liven up this timeless and classic style for men.

The best part of these next seasons (fall and winter) for men's fashion is that each can truly be carried out well until the same time next year because all are statement style pieces that never come off the runway. This fall and winter just happen to be the seasons that are really turning up the thread in them.


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