Pulling Off The Runway Trends in Real Life

Pulling Off The Runway Trends in Real Life

With the new men's fashion trends that walk down the runway, you about bound to spot some things that are just absolutely out there. You know, the kind of styles that no one would actually ever wear in real life - or at the very least, it wouldn't look near as good on someone who wasn't professionally made up. What appears on the runway in Paris during men's fashion week isn't always practical for the sidewalk. However, they can be as long as you know how to change them up for some real life activity. Allow this to be your guide to pulling off the weird trends of the season so that you rock them appropriately. It is all about taking the main element of men’s fashion and incorporating it into your wardrobe to fit your style.


Mankets... It's a Real Thing 

Basically, it's a poncho for men but before you scroll on past this men's fashion trend, Daryl from The Walking Dead looks pretty hardcore wearing one, so it certainly isn't a trend that is feminine in any way. The difference is that, instead of draping over the shoulder and upper portions of your body like a poncho would do, mankets are a clever combination of a cape and scarf... or blanket (hence the manket nickname). To ease yourself into this fashion forward statement, stick with bold hues and slowly indulge into the prints and fabrics as you feel comfortable because as you already know, confidence is the key to pulling off any fashion trend. 


Necking It'

Speaking of scarves, capes and other pieces of clothing that cover your neck portions, turtlenecks are another fashion trend that is neckin' it - and yes, they look exactly like the ones you were rocking in the 90s. Now, while some things should stay in the past (to each their own), you can definitely rock this men's fashion trend completely, or take the neck-covering elements to pull off a similar look that is more suitable to your style. Take the Square jacket, for example. You can zip it down low and bring it right up to the bottom of your chin... And it won't look like your 8th grade school photo. The same can be said about the  Hot High Collar Mens Hoodie. Both are fashion forward and practical for the good looking dudes out there who aren't looking to be reminded of the past. 


Getting The Chills 

With the days getting chillier, you'll definitely appreciate the extra fabric that the two previous fashion trends provide. However, for outwear, you have to go with the Dark Assassins Style Hoodie.  Plus, you get that sideways slant kind of appeal that mankets offer, as well as the high neck. It is basically a combination of the two original fashion trends sewed together for some chilly weather. The double snaps are also excellent for keeping that cold air out. This fall and winter season is getting rid of the big puffer jackets and going with a much more slender look, and this jacket is on point. If you want more boldness added, opt for the fall colors that it comes in such as; wine red and dark purple, or stick with the classic gray or black.


Eh! There have been significantly weirder trends that have walked down the men's runway, but at least now you can see how you can incorporate even the most unique, fashion forward items into your wardrobe practically. Plus, the pieces mentioned are much more timeless and won't go out when the next season rolls in like the manket will. Just saying.


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