Men's Clothing That Attracts Women

Men's Clothing That Attracts Women

When a woman compliments you on something you’re wearing, it’s not the garment she likes, it’s you. Normally, this kind of comment will come from a happily married woman with absolutely no amorous intent, or possibly from a female relative. Don’t dismiss what they say. What she’s thinking, they’re all thinking. They just didn’t tell you, but now you know anyway.


Keep a mental note of any clothing that draws a compliment, but don’t focus too much on the item itself. She wouldn’t have said anything if she didn’t like your overall appearance, and the individual garment may just have been a convenient talking point. Add this to your knowledge base, and use it when you’re shopping for clothes or getting ready to go out. Try not to repeat the same formula time after time. Like everything in life, variety is the spice. Work on the general principles that make you look good, things like colors and styles etc. While you’re discovering what works for you, here are a few hints that should set you in the right direction. We’ll start at the feet and work our way up. That’s what a lot of women do when they’re checking men out.



The importance of footwear is massively disproportionate to any logical factor. Good shoes in top condition indicate affluence and self-pride. Because they’re one of the last things you put on before you go out, it’s easy to pay shoes and boots too little attention. Choose your footwear first, tidy them up every time you wear them, and don’t let them fall into disrepair. Shoes with a touch of flamboyance will always make a good impression, so don’t be afraid to step a bit outside your comfort zone when you’re buying them. It’s also true to say you only get what you pay for. Think of it as an investment, it’ll be worth it.



Socks are probably the least attractive of garments, or so you would think. Keep them on in the bedroom, and they certainly are. The strange thing is, if you choose really excellent socks that complement all your other clothes, it turns the whole thing around. Socks become appealing. Always have a range of good socks in different colors to choose from.



After shoes, trousers are the second most important garment to consider. It’s probably not too difficult to understand why a woman would look at your trousers when eying you up, but try not to over capitalize on this. Trousers that are too tight won’t impress many ladies. Well-fitting are the keywords here. Jeans are especially tricky, but they’re also the most effective when you get them right. Don’t assume that a pair of trousers or jeans will fit you just because they’re your size. When you’re shopping, try on lots of pairs, and take your time. See if you can get a woman’s opinion. They always know best, so don’t be too shy to ask.



For the top half of your body, you can really begin to work on colors and contrasts. Psychologists will tell you that we’re all attracted by bright colors, but don’t take that too literally. The contrast of black and white is just as effective. A black jacket and a white shirt is a tried and trusted combination. It might be a leather jacket or a suit jacket, and a T-shirt or a formal shirt. The effect is the same. If you’re planning on wearing a tie, that’s your opportunity for a splash of color, but remember contrast. A black shirt with a pink tie might sound like a cliché, but you’ll be surprised by the reaction you get.



Accessories like watches and jewelry are the finishing touches. Go easy on the jewelry, but always wear a watch. These days, less and less men are wearing wristwatches; they tend to rely on their phones to tell them the time. There’s just something about a good timepiece that denotes success and confidence. Masses of gold chains probably say the same thing, but without the same subtlety and sophistication. Spend your money on a watch you can wear with pride and, if you’re wearing a formal shirt, the same goes for cufflinks too.


As any woman will tell you, none of this advice is worth a thing if you’re not clean and you don’t smell good. Hair, teeth and good personal confidence are also vital areas to think about. Your hairdresser, dentist and life coach will be able to talk to you about all those other matters.


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