5 Must-Have Fall 2014 Fashion Trends for Men

5 Must-Have Fall 2014 Fashion Trends for Men

According to London's Fashion Week, fall 2014 is going to be full of prints for men. While the styles shown on the runway were definitely eye-catching, it is hard to imagine most 'normal' men walking out of the house in the outfits displayed in London. Rather than take the chance of looking like a strutting peacock in a barnyard full of hens, you may want to instead consider integrating some of fall 2014's looks in a much subtler way.



Check patterns are going to be hugely popular this season. Rather than opt for a three-piece suit and an oversized check pattern, why not try something a little less risky? If you are into bow ties, you can find numerous colors in bold checked styles. Paired with a solid shirt, you can still enjoy this hot trend yet keep your ensemble in the standard range of what most of your contemporaries are wearing. For an extra touch of pizzazz, add checked socks. If you are really daring, pants in a small check pattern are another option to consider.




Gingham is another hot trend that you are sure to see plenty of this season. Red and navy are hot, but you can also opt for other tones like lavender, teal, and mustard. Consider what you already have in your closet in terms of belts, socks, and pants in order to choose the right gingham for your needs.


Quilted Bomber Style Jackets

One must-have fashion option for men for fall 2014 is the quilted jacket. You can still enjoy this trend without wearing something that makes you look like a reject from a space invader's casting call. Opt for a warm chocolate brown or tan, and you are sure to get plenty of mileage out of your new outerwear item. Black might be a bit too heavy and reminiscent of Arthur Fonzerelli from Happy Days.


Science Fiction T-shirts

If your style is more laid back and less button-down shirt, the science fiction T-shirt trend is sure to be to your liking. Think bold colors with Max Headroom-inspired logos and you will be right on point for this hip and happening trend. Paired with jeans and loafers, this casual look is perfect for startup CEOs and web developers alike.



Art Prints

Art-inspired prints are another top trend you'll be seeing on plenty of men this fall and winter. Instead of opting for something that makes you look like you're wearing a canvas from the Guggenheim Museum, try instead for a more demure style or even just geographic horizontal stripes. You can still pull off the artsy vibe without appearing to be trying too hard and looking like a complete fashion dork.



Men can enjoy wearing trending fashion styles without worrying about questioning glances and 'what was he thinking' whispers. The key is to be aware of what is currently hot, and then reinterpreting it in your own way. Incorporating trends in smaller pieces like socks, smartphone cases, belts, or even a hooded jacket is great way to remain current without breaking your budget on trends that might not last. Do you think you will be incorporating any of fall 2014's hot trends for men into your wardrobe?


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